Monster Hunter 4 hit the shelves in Japan a couple of weeks back, and boy, if it hasn’t been selling like hotcakes!

Now, in part to keep sales momentum of one of their biggest games going strong, Capcom Bar is celebrating the game’s highly-anticipated release with a limited edition menu.


This limited-time menu that’s inspired by the video game began to be served yesterday, October 7, 2013 and is scheduled to end on December 1, 2013. Entertainment bar Pasela is also part of this collaboration and they will be featuring some of these items for their drink bar menu.

Generu Serutasu- Deep Fried Soft-shelled crab with a side of bread, salad and sauce- 830 yen


“Chef Special”- 830 yen


Neopteron fighting staff- Chicken, lettuce and cheese wrapped in tortilla and served on a stick. Served with salsa on the side- 680 yen


Felyne Crepe- 580 yen


Melnyx Rice Ball- 580 yen


Goa Magara- served with dragon fruit wings- 550 yen


Charge Axe
Sword Mode: 780 yen
Shield Mode: 580 yen


Mad Dragon Virus- three shots of very strong coffee that will surely get you infected- 450 yen

img_drink03 (1)

Kechawacha- 730 yen


Garara Ajara- A three-layered drink of kiwi, orange and tea- 530 yen


Zaboazagiru- served with a shot of calpis soda in a test tube 780 yen


Tetsukabura- 530 yen


Caravan Leader- beer served with a slice of lemon- 780 yen


Brigade Poster Girl- 580 yen


With Monster Hunter 4 already released in Japan, fans from the rest of the world are already excited and this menu just whet their appetites even more.

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