Miku and Famima will be teaming up again in 2014, and they’re asking piapro users to come up with some designs for the menu.

Whenever Family Mart teams up with Crypton for a VOCALOID filled collaboration, the food is always something to look forward to. Just last year we saw Daughter of Evil Brioche, Mikuman (a steamed meat bun shaped like Miku’s head), and fried rice featuring art by Torikara (Sugar Chocolate Waffle).

And now they are asking fans to get in on the fun of designing themed foods and have reached out to piapro to help them do just that. If you’re already a member of piapro, it’s as easy as coming up with a design for the food and tagging it with “mikulabB”.

Make sure the tag is locked, though, so everyone can see the design you came up with on the main page here. The food designs aren’t limited to desserts or bread, either. You can also design a meal or a precooked meal for other VOCALOID fans to savor. Some of the designs so far have been an edible version of Rin’s bow, mochi bunny Mikus, and Rin and Len’s Curry Pasta.

rinbow mikumochi rinlenpasta

If designing food is not really something you want to do, the mikulabA choice may seem a better option.

In this collaboration they are looking for the official image of the campaign. The theme is cooking, so anything along the lines of an apron, chef hat or cooking in general will work. Submissions must use the official template available in the instructions here, and be in CMYK color, not RGB. Also make sure to include Family Mart in your design somehow, be in the logo, the uniform, or even their fried chicken.

For example, here’s the banner from this summer’s 2nd Miku Loves FamiMa campaign.


Entries into both categories will be accepted until 5 PM JST on October 23. If your design is chosen, you’ll receive an original QUO card loaded with 50,000 yen good at any Family Mart for a year. One good way to use that would be on their Christmas Cake for this year.

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Source: Family Mart Collaboration Site



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