October 3 marked the birthday of one of the most popular anime characters around, and Madoka Magica‘s titular character certainly needs to celebrate her birthday as she has certainly been through a lot. Her fans have become aware of this celebrated her birthday in classic otaku fashion.

Some celebrated her birthday quietly with some cake and of course, Madoka herself… in figure form.


Of course, Homura has something for her “dear friend”. I’m sure this present has a lot of love put into it in it.


Some however celebrated her birthday with their own army of Madokas. Here’s one from twitter user Powder Naotan complete with nendoroids, pillows, pvc figures, mugs, stuffed toys and much more Madoka merchandise.


Here’s one from twitter user Luna Ty and this twitter user even has a Madoka poster making a birthday greeting.


Here’s how twitter user Twopon greeted his favorite goddess


Meanwhile, twitter user atunyahaaan celebrated the magical goddess’s birthday with a custom-made Madoka cake


Twitter user Eco To also celebrated Madoka’s birthday with his own Madoka Kaname character collection.


Madoka’s birthday was set at October 3 by Madoka Magica writer Gen Urobuchi because according to a past tweet, October 3 was the day when the “Mahou Shoujo Apocalypse Madoka☆Magica Project” document was created.

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