Tsukasa Fushimi, author of the ever-popular OreImo series has announced that OreImo was not his last work, and will be releasing another series this December.

Although many tears were shed over Kirino’s marriage in the final OVA’s for OreImo, fans will not have to wait much longer for Fushimi to tug at their heartstrings once more. He will be releasing the first light novel in a new series on December 10 this year. Hiro Kanzaki will also be returning to provide the illustrations for this new series.


The light novel series is under the working title of “Eromanga Sensei”, so that hopefully means even more comedic situations. The reason for the title itself is that it will play a key role in the plot. It’s also been revealed that the protagonist is a high school student who is attempting to maintain a good relationship with his little sister.


If I didn’t know better I would think we’re getting an alternate route for OreImo. We’ll just have to wait until December rolls around to see what sort of little sister story we get from Fushimi this time around.

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Source: Blog Esuteru


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