Hunter X Hunter is one of Shounen Jump!‘s most popular mangas, however, it has been on hiatus for almost two years now.


The beloved manga series which has enjoyed much success due to its popularity has been experiencing a whole lot of hiatuses since 2006 for various reasons, one being the manga artist, Yoshihiro Togashi’s health.

However, this latest hiatus which has gone on since March 2012 may be coming to an end in December. A new Shounen Jump! magazine scan reveals that the hiatus-riddled manga will be coming back next month, December 2013.



The authenticity of the image however has not been proven however as both Togashi and Shounen Jump! have not yet officially confirmed Hunter X Hunter’s return.

Yoshihiro Togashi previously returned to make a prequel chapter for the Hunter X Hunter movie titled Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge which was shown earlier this year. This has been seen by fans as a ray of hope that the manga author will finally resume the manga.

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