The official website for Attack on Titan has revealed that the live action adaptation will push through in 2015 and a new production team will be leading the movie’s gigantic advance.

aot live action

Special effects director Shinji Iguchi will be taking the helm of this titanic new project. He is known for directing the visual effects for the 2001 action movie Princess Blade as well as providing the storyboard for various anime like Pokemon: Jirachi the Wish Maker, Kill la Kill and the Rebuild of Evangelion movies.


Yuusuke Watanabe will be writing the movie’s script. He wrote the scripts for various movies like the live-action movie adaptations of Gantz and Gatchaman. He will be aided by Attack on Titan’s manga author, Hajime Isayama himself who has been offering many ideas for the script and characterizations. The movie will be produced and distributed by Toho Studios.

Casting for the film is undergoing and many fans online have already suggested their own fan cast for the live action movie. Filming for the movie will begin on summer 2014 and the movie is slated for release 2015.

It most certainly ain’t no secret that fans have been craving for the live action movie, Many have already posted their own fan creations including this very realistic fan made movie poster for the live action adaptation.

attack on titan fan made poster

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Via Comic Natalie and Attack on Titan official website


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