The 2013 summer edition of Comiket also known as Comiket 84 was a huge success and with Comiket 85 just around the corner, cosplay costume and anime merchandise distributors Cospa have announced their Winter Comiket 2013 line-ups.

With Kantai Collection‘s overwhelming success in Japan, it’s no surprise that Cospa will be adding them to their Comiket 85 line-up of anime merch.

kancolle-bag1_s kancolle-bag2_s kancolle-fullt1_s kancolle-fullt2_s kancolle-fullt3_s kancolle-fullt4_s kancolle-nekutai1_s kancolle-nekutai2_s kancolle-nekutai3_s kancolle-nekutai4_s kancolle-nekutai5_s kancolle-parka1_s kancolle-parka2_s kancolle-sensu1_s kancolle-sensu2_s kancolle-sensu3_s kancolle-sensu4_s kancolle-sensu5_s kancolle-sensu6_s

The KanColle rubber straps are limited edition however and there will only be 2,000 of each of the three sets available during Comiket. Each set contains four different rubber straps.

kancolle-tumamare1_s kancolle-tumamare2_s kancolle-tumamare3_s

Another series experiencing huge success this year is OreImo. Both the original light novels as well as the anime have ended in dramatic and controversial fashion but that however did not slow down the series’ overall popularity at all. Their OreImo offerings include a limited edition Kuroneko strap set which contains three rubber straps. Only 1,000 of them will be distributed during Comiket.

oreimo-tumamare1_s oreimo-bag1_s oreimo-bag2_s oreimo-parka1_s oreimo-set1_s

Other popular series like IS: Infinite Stratos, Chuunibyou and Love Live! will also grace Cospa’s Comiket 85 booths.

chu2-bag1_s chu2-t1_s chu2-t2_s chu2-towel1_s is-towel1_s lovelive-fullt1_s lovelive-fullt2_s lovelive-fullt3_s

Limited edition Love Live! neckties will also be sold. There will only be 200 neckties of each design to be distributed during the bi-annual event.

lovelive-nekutai1_s lovelive-nekutai2_s lovelive-nekutai3_s

The bi-annual Otaku extravaganza known as the Comic Market or Comiket will be held once again at the Tokyo Big Sight from December 29-December 31, 2013. Cospa’s booth will be booth no. 412.

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