The rivalry between Wing Gundam/ Wing Gundam Zero pilot Heero Yui and Tallgeese/ Gundam Epyon pilot Zechs Marquis has been one of the most celebrated rivalries in all the Gundam series, perhaps second only to Amuro and Char. Gundam cafe is currently celebrating that rivalry with their latest cafe theme.


The cafe is currently serving food and drinks inspired by the two ace pilots as well as a few Heero and Zechs merchandise.

Here’s what the Akihabara Gundam Cafe has in store:

The Meteor White Stew cones with Wing-shaped bread while the Zechs Marquis Beef Stroganoff comes with a Zechs cherry drink, a bread stick and two slices of bread. Both meals cost 890 yen.

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Heero Yui’s drink menu includes alcoholic and non alcoholic versions of Green Solitude





Zechs Marquis’ drink menu meanwhile contains the non-alcoholic Prince of the Lost Kingdom drink and the alcoholic Lightning Count drink. Both drinks are inspired by his nicknames.

Prince of the Lost Kingdom


Lightning Count


The Passing Thoughts Dessert Plate costs 890 yen.


The Akihabara cafe will also be exclusively selling this Heero vs. Zechs petit plate set.


The Gundam Cafe near the life size RX-78-2 Gundam in Odaiba meanwhile will have a different set of goodies in store.

The Heero Pesto Pizza and the Zechs Tomato Sauce Pizza will each cost 420 yen

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The Odaiba Gundam cafe will also feature lattes that will have either Heero or Zechs in them. Each latte costs 380 yen.

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The Diver City Odaiba cafe will also be exclusively selling this Heero vs. Zechs petit plate


The theme will be implemented for a limited time from December 13, 2013 until January 8, 2014.

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