Starting today, December 22, 2013 until January 4, 2014, Macross fans in Tokyo will be in for a special Christmas gift as “Macross Frontier trains” will be transporting passengers down the city’s Yamanote line thanks to Bandai Visual.


Several 11-car trains will be sporting a Macross Frontier wrapping and will be sporting the Macross Frontier theme both on the trains’ interior and exterior. The three main characters, Sheryl Nome, Ranka Lee and Alto Saotome will be featured in the trains along with the various mechas from the anime.

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These Macross Frontier trains are all for advertising the upcoming Macross F Zentora Sakari Blu-ray Box which is will be released on Christmas day, December 25, 2013. The box includes digitally remastered editions of all 25 Macross Frontier episodes as well as a drama CD, a 100-page deluxe booklet, a 72-page art book and several storyboards. The box will also contain an extended version of episode 25 as well as five karaoke videos and several music clips.


These trains come at a very good time to advertise as people will be riding these trains to visit the shrines all over Tokyo during New Year’s day. The shrine visit is a huge part of the Japanese New Year celebrations so these very trains will be able to catch the eye of many shrine goers.

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