A special clear Master Grade Build Strike Gundam Full Package will be included in one of the limited edition Gundam Build Fighters Blu-Ray Box Vol. 1.


The special limited edition box set will contain the Blu-Ray volume 1 and a special clear version of the MG Build Strike Gundam. The Blu-Ray will contain about 50 minutes of the anime as well as a bonus volume. The Gundam Build Fighters Blu-Ray box set 1 Master Grade version will cost 31,500 yen.

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There will also be a special limited edition Blu-Ray box which will not contain the kit. The standard  Gundam Build Fighters Blu-Ray box set will cost 26,250 yen.

Both box sets will contain a special audio commentary from the staff and cast of the anime as well as feature a PV and commercial for the series. Both limited edition box sets aren’t available for pre-orders yet but they are scheduled for release on March 26, 2014.

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