The smoke has cleared, the dust has settled, and the winners for this year’s Gunpla Builders World Cup have finally been announced.


The competition was held in Gundam Front Tokyo, Odaiba where the 1/1 scale RX-78-2 is located. The competition was divided into two different courses, the open course for GunPla enthusiasts aged 15 years and above and the Junior Course for young GunPla builders aged 14 years and below.

Open Course (ages 15 & up)

Japanese representative Shunpei Yamauchi, who impressed everyone with his Nu Gundam build during the Japanese qualifiers, has won over the judges once again as he is declared the winner of the Open Course (ages 15 and above) category.

His piece of GunPla art, entitled The Ultimate Mobile Suit of Universal Century, features Amuro Ray’s mighty Nu Gundam. His creation, though considered by some to be quite simple, gave the classic mobile suit several distinctive details and made the Nu look even more intimidating.

gn_09 gn_03

Winning the first runner-up spot is Malaysian representative Ronnie Phoon who has most certainly made his compatriots and fellow South East Asians proud. His entry titled “Hafumaru” or “Windbreaker” features Mobile Pod Balls being salvaged or repaired by several people.


South Korean Son Young Seok meanwhile won the second runner-up spot with his entry titled “The Last Exchange”. His build features Earth Federation soldiers salvaging parts from a Mobile Suit wreckage.

gn_36 (1)

Junior Course Winners (ages 14 & below)

The future of the hobby meanwhile looks bright as young modellers from all over the world displayed their own creations. 14-year old Hong Kong representative Choy Chi Kit wowed the judges on his take on Char Aznable’s Zaku II. Titled “The Forgotten Red Comet”, it is inspired by Gulliver’s Travels and features the mobile suit washed up in Lilliput and captured by mini Gundams, Guncannons and Guntanks.

gn_13 gn_14 gn_04

Another South East Asian takes the second place spot as Indonesian Vincentsius Obert Fernando wows the judges with his Yamato no Orochi. The build uses a combination of the Blitz Gundam and the Gundam Epyon as a base and is inspired by the legendary Japanese monster, the Yamato no Orochi.


Third place for the Junior division goes to Taiwanese modeler Jenson with his “Sneak Attack”. His build is centered on the Gundam 00 Qan[T]


The competition featured GunPla builds from all over the world including Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, the United States, Italy and Australia. Here are the other participants:

Junior Course

gn_15 gn_16 gn_18 gn_19 gn_20 gn_21 gn_22 gn_24

Open Course

gn_25 gn_26 gn_27 gn_28 gn_29 gn_30 gn_31 gn_32 gn_33 gn_34

Do you agree with the results?

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