With the overwhelming success of Attack on Titan, a new mobile game will be coming to the iOS and Android platforms soon and it will be called Attack on Titan: Roar to Freedom.


The game’s developer, DeNA has just announced earlier today that the game is slated for release Winter 2014. The game lets you build your own cities complete with walls, defense structures like turrets and canons, and resource-producing buildings. You have to defend that city from the attacking titans.


However, what makes this game different from most Attack on Titan media is that you can actually command your own titan army to attack other players and take away their resources. And yes, you can purchase the colossal titan, the armored titan and the female titan as well, however, they will cost much more than the average units but they will do a whole lot more damage.

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A good strategy is necessary to be able to successfully defend your city by placing your defenses where they are needed the most. Strategy also comes into play while attacking by placing your titan army in the least defended spots of the enemy city.

In the game’s official website, DeNA has said that they have been in conference with Attack on Titan creator Hajime Isayama in regards to the game’s development.

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