New Year may be the biggest holiday in Japan with everyone resting or visiting their relatives in the provinces or other cities. It is also the time for greetings and well wishing which everyone does, including well known manga artists/authors and animators.

Fairy Tail and Rave Master manga artist Hiro Mashima wishes everyone a Happy New Year (pun intended) with a side of Sagittarius for the year of the horse via his twitter account, hiro_mashima


Here’s Clamp‘s New Year’s greeting featuring their most beloved characters (via CLAMP_news)


Thermae Romae manga author Mari Yamazaki tweeted this year of the horse greeting via her twitter account, Thermari


Here’s YuruYuri manga author Namori’s greeting (via _namori_ twitter account)


And Yet The Town Moves manga author Masakazu Ishiguro tweeted this New Year’s greeting and yes, it features even more horsing around.


Girls und Panzer manga artist Ryuuichi Saitaniya (nanashirogorou) meanwhile greeted everyone with this tweet.


Sgt. Frog manga artist Mine Yoshizaki also greeted everyone via his twitter account, yosRRX


Here’s Blue Exorcist manga artist Katou Kazue‘s New Year’s greeting featuring her characters in a Walking Dead theme.


Eureka Seven animator Kenichi Yoshida tweeted this New Year’s greeting


Controversial manga artist Kouji Seo, responsible for mangas like Kimi no Iru Machi, Half & Half and Suzuka also greeted everyone a Happy New Year via his twitter account, seokouji


Squid Girl manga artist Masahiro Abe posted his New Year’s greeting via twipple


Kiniro Mosaic anime character designer Kazayuki Ueda meanwhile posted this New Year’s greeting featuring Alice and Karen wearing traditional New Year’s kimonos via twitter


Here’s Mushibugyou manga artist Hiroshi Fukuda’s New year’s greeting


Ultimate!! Hentai Kamen’s manga artist, Keishuu Ando featured a centaur for his greeting in celebration of the year of the horse (via and_k_dna twitter)


Horse-themed greetings are quite prominent as shown in some of the tweets, just like Yamada and the Seven Witches manga artist Miki Yoshikawa’s greeting.


With all these greetings, we here at SGCafe wish everyone a happy and fruitful New Year!

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