The official Twitter account of the free online light novel series recently revealed that it will be getting an anime adaptation in 2014. Momo Kyun Sword is produced by Kibidango Project and features a large group of illustrators which rotates on a monthly basis, giving the series a unique visual style.

Momo Kyun Sword is based on the story of Momotaro, a well-known character from Japanese folklore. Momotaro is said to have arrived on Earth inside an enormous peach (his name roughly translates to “Peach Boy”). An old couple without any children found him when they tried to eat the peach, and Momotaro told them that Heaven had sent him to become their new son. He later goes on to fight hordes of demons while accompanied by various talking animals.

Momoko of Momo Kyun Sword was also born inside a giant peach, but she is instead a busty young woman with a sword who occasionally dons pink lingerie. The talking animals are now busty young women with animal ears. The story actually begins after Momoko has already defeated the demon menace, when a mysterious new threat to her township emerges.


momo2 momo3 momo4 momo5

And here’s a list of voice actors who have worked on Momo Kyun Sword so far:

Shiori Mikami
Eiji Takemoto
Minami Tsuda
Masumi Asano
Ayana Taketatsu
Asami Imai
Kanae Itō
Showtaro Morikubo
Yuka Ōtsubo
Rumi Ōkubo
Emiri Katō
Yukiyo Fuji
Chihiri Ikki
Ryoko Shiraishi
Houko Kuwashima
Yūki Kaneko
Banjō Ginga

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