Tachikawa City, which is in Tokyo, is considered to be the site for Academy City from the “A Certain” series with plenty of Anime Holy Sites which were featured in the series. And with the series celebrating its 10th Anniversary, Tachikawa has announced their latest PR Ambassador and it is the 3rd Ranked Level 5 Esper of Acaademy City, “The Railgun”, Misaka Mikoto.


This new PR campaign is also in cooperation with figure makers Kotobukiya and their Cu-poche Misaka Mikoto which has also been chosen as a PR Ambassador along with the original Biribiri herself.


Several “A Certain”-themed street lights and posters featuring Mikoto or Cu-poche Mikoto with Tachikawa in the background will be spread into 80 different areas of the city.

Tachikawa is also collaborating with the series for several “A Certain”-themed vending machines which should be placed out of Mikoto’s reach as she has a severe tendency to kick them.


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Source: Akiba Souken


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