Issue #24 of Shogakukan‘s Weekly Shounen Sunday has announced a new anime start-up project for seven (7) of their manga titles which include Magi spin-off, The Adventure of Sinbad, ever-popular Hayate the Combat Butler!, and Mushibugyo.


The OVA project, known as “Anisan”, will have one OVA released for 10 consecutive months. These OVAs will be released as DVDs and will come bundled along with special edition mangas.


The project will kick-off with the Magi spin-off which is based on the younger version of King Sinbad titled The Adventure of Sinbad. An official commercial has already been released for the OVA which will cover Sinbad’s descent into Baal’s dungeon. The OVA will come bundled with volume 3 of the manga which will be released on May 16, 2014.


The second part of the “Anisan” project will feature everybody’s favorite bankrupt butler with tons of misfortune and girls falling fall him. Several OVAs will be released for the series starting with Vol. A which will focus on the series’ two resident tsunderes, Nagi and Hinagiku but will also feature the other girls like Ayumu and Maria. Vol. A or the first OVA will be bundled along with volume 41 of the manga which will be released on June 18, 2014. These OVAs will adapt several manga stories which have not yet been adapted in the various Hayate the Combat Butler! anime series. This is all part of Hayate’s 10th anniversary celebrations. A PV for Vol. A has also been released.


The OVA for Joujuu Senjin!! Mushibugyo meanwhile will be released along with the manga’s volume 15 which will be released on July 18, 2014.


Weekly Shounen Sunday will announce more about this unprecedented anime start-up project in days to come. Meanwhile, here are the other four mangas which will also have their own OVAs

Fantasista Stella


Ane Log


Imawa no Kuni no Alice


Nozo X Kimi


The Adventure of Sinbad has proven quite popular lately so if the OVA should prove to be successful, an anime would make a lot of fans very happy. Hayate the Combat Butler! meanwhile has been a Shounen Sunday mainstay since 2004 with a total of four anime series produced. However, fans are still hungry to see the Mykonos island arc, also known as the Athena arc or the Greece arc animated. Who knows, maybe they will finally animate it if the OVAs prove to popular enough. The four anime whose OVAs are yet to be announced are also quite popular among readers and many seem to say deserve an anime.

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