To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the wackiest Gundam series in existence, Mobile Fighter G Gundam, as well as the release of the Robot Spirits Master Gundam articulated figure, the official website for the Gundam franchise,, has asked its readers which mecha from that series do they want the most.


A total of 3,255 people from all over the world responded to that question and now, the website has revealed the results of the official poll, and here they are:

9) Bolt Gundam – Neo Russia (3.1% of the votes)


8) Gundam Maxter – Neo USA (3.2% of the votes)


7) Rose Gundam – Neo France (3.5% of the votes)


6) Dragon Gundam – Neo China (6.6% of the votes)


5) Fuunsaiki (7.4% of the votes)


4) Nobell Gundam – Neo Sweden (9.0 % of the votes)


3) Gundam Spiegel – Neo Germany (12.8% of the votes)


2) Devil Gundam/ Dark Gundam (20.4% of the votes)

JDG-00X_Devil_Gundam_front 20140616171332-58557

1) Master Gundam – Neo Hong Kong (34.0% of the votes)

Master 20140616171309-98530

As usual, the Undefeated of the East has overwhelmed his opponents once again by taking’s official online poll by a land slide victory. Master Asia’s Master Gundam is one of the series most unforgettable Gundams from a series filled with weird and wacky mechas and his victory comes at no surprise at all.

One of the surprises in the poll was that two of the main Gundams which appeared in the series, Neo Japan’s Shining Gundam and God Gundam (Burning Gundam) were not included. Also not included are the Rising Gundam and the other wacky Gundams from the series like the Windmill Gundam (Nether Gundam), the Mermaid Gundam, the Tequila Gundam and many more.


Also surprising is the popularity of Master Asia’s HORSE, Fuunsaiki who placed fifth. Master Asia’s loyal and majestic steed managed to beat out four of the series other main Gundams.

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