Last seen speeding down a highway in Chiba, Japan, the mysterious Batman in his “Batpod” or “Batcycle” has gotten much attention not only Japan, but also the rest of the world and has been dubbed by many as “ChiBatman”. So who is this cosplayer really? Is he a mysterious billionaire playboy with dead parent issues seeking vengeance on the criminal underworld or is he just simply a fan cosplaying as the world’s greatest detective himself?


A Japanese TV news program has recently made a sit-down interview with this Batman from Chiba (hence ChiBatman) and identified him as a 41-year old local welder. This local welder explained that this is how he commutes to work, by dressing up as the Caped Crusader and hopping onto his custom-made Batpod, which he customized himself. Yes, like the Dark knight himself, he is pretty darn awesome.


When asked on why he dresses up as a bat on his way to work, he said that he did it so that he can make people smile. Ain’t that just great? When Bruce Wayne dresses up as a bat, he usually does it to become a symbol of both fear and justice, to be feared by the criminals and to serve justice to those in need.


When his images surfaced, some pointed out a few road violations which he has apparently made, however, ChiBatman pointed out out that he is not breaking any laws. First, his Batpod has three wheels, making it a trike, and in japan, trikes are classified as a type of car, which you really don’t need to wear a helmet of when riding. Oh, and there is also no law banning drivers from wearing capes either.


I am seriously just wondering if he actually did the “Batman Voice” when conducting the interview. But all kidding aside, this cosplaying welder from Chiba has definitely captured the world’s imagination. He is Vengeance! He is the Night! He. Is. ChiBatman! nanananananananana


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Source: Livedoor News and Naver


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