It’s already day 2 of Comiket 86 and after all the chaos, sell-outs and cosplay craziness from day 1, day 2 continues it all, and then some. Day 2 is ALSO one big mix great cosplays, awesome cosplays, cute cosplays, and ones that are just plain weird. Let’s take a look at some of them, shall we?

One of Day 1’s cosplay highlights included a Shimakaze cosplayer mobbed by photographers. When some in Japan (and the rest of the world) saw it, they were quite appalled. However, day 2 seems to have continued that trend. One just has to admire the courage of some cosplayers (photo by @ Komikeimage)


This photo by @ Minato_kiryu just proves that cosplayers have to be prepared for those low-angle photographers


Yes, some people were actually raising the alarm with all these shenanigans already. I just wonder what some of these photographers would say if they got low-angle shots of these guys? (photo by @ Tuki_yuzu)


There were some really awesome cosplays during day 2 however, like this one cosplaying the Gouf from Mobile Suit Gundam (image by @ Kururikuru1374)


O… k… then… (photo by @ Yuki_Mel)


When Comiket 85 day 2 started, some staff members were emulating Atelier character designer Mel Kishida (photo by @ Soror1096)


This photo by Comiket_cosplay just showed that class is still in session for Danganronpa


The Comiket staff were also in cosplay, and this time around, they went as the Survey Corps from Attack on Titan… again (photo by Orzpanther)


And of course, there are the weird ones

photo by @ _Pyo7


by @ Mitukiyuya


What the?! Team Rakuten Card?! (photo by @ Hikenate128)


Who can guess this Yu-Gi-Oh card? (photo by @ Watadadayo)


These guys are just chillin’ (photo by @ Comike_sokuhou)


UMI-DAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! (photo by @ IoryHamon)


Well, looks like the order really is a rabbit with this Tippy cosplay. GENIUS!! (photo by @ Tek3722)


This guy just cosplayed Sofmap… (cosplay by @ Sebuyama)


and here’s Pikachu!!!!


Looks like this guy’s struggling a bit… (photo by @ Itaru_414)


It must be really hot inside… well, at least his body is cool (photo by @ Buffy_0926)


Once again, 0takomu has made a great cosplay compilation. And yes, we’ve found Waldo!!!!!!!

C862-1 C862-2 C862-3 C862-4 C862-5 C862-6 C862-7 C862-8 C862-10 C862-11 C862-12 C862-13 C862-14 C862-16 C862-18 C862-19 C862-20 C862-21 C862-22 C862-23 C862-24 C862-25 C862-26 C862-27 C862-28 C862-29 C862-30 C862-31 C862-32 C862-33 C862-34 C862-35 C862-36 C862-37 C862-38 C862-39 C862-40 C862-41 C862-42 C862-43 C862-44 C862-45 C862-47 C862-48 C862-49 C862-50 C862-51 C862-52 C862-53 C862-54 C862-55 C862-56 C862-57 C862-58 C862-59 C862-61 C862-62 C862-64 C862-65 C862-67 C862-68 C862-69 C862-70 C862-71 C862-233 C862-234 C862-235 C862-236 C862-237 C862-238 C862-239 C862-240 C862-241 C862-242 C862-243 C862-244 C862-245 C862-246 C862-247 C862-248 C862-249 C862-250 C862-251 C862-252 C862-253 C862-254 C862-255 C862-256 C862-257 C862-258 C862-259 C862-260 C862-261 C862-262 C862-263 C862-264 C862-265 C862-266 C862-267 C862-268 C862-269 C862-270 C862-271 C862-272 C862-273 C862-274 C862-275 C862-276 C862-277 C862-278 C862-279 C862-280 C862-281 C862-282 C862-283 C862-284 C862-285 C862-286 C862-287 C862-288 C862-289 C862-290 C862-292 C862-293 C862-295 C862-296 C862-298 C862-299 C862-300 C862-301 C862-303 C862-307 C862-308 C862-309 C862-310 C862-311 C862-312 C862-313 C862-314 C862-315 C862-316 C862-317 C862-318 C862-319 C862-320 C862-321 C862-322 C862-323 C862-324 C862-325 C862-326 C862-327 C862-328 C862-329 C862-330 C862-331 C862-332 C862-333 C862-334 C862-335 C862-336 C862-337 C862-338 C862-339 C862-340 C862-341 C862-342 C862-343 C862-344 C862-345 C862-346 C862-347 C862-348 C862-349 C862-350 C862-351 C862-352 C862-353 C862-354 C862-355 C862-356 C862-357 C862-358 C862-359 C862-360 C862-361 C862-362 C862-363 C862-364 C862-365 C862-366 C862-367 C862-368 C862-369 C862-370 C862-371 C862-372 C862-373 C862-374 C862-375 C862-376 C862-377 C862-378 C862-379 C862-380 C862-381 C862-382 C862-383 C862-384 C862-385 C862-386 C862-387 C862-388 C862-389 C862-390 C862-391 C862-392 C862-393 C862-394 C862-395 C862-396 C862-397 C862-73 C862-74 C862-75 C862-76 C862-77 C862-78 C862-79 C862-80 C862-81 C862-83 C862-85 C862-86 C862-87 C862-88 C862-89 C862-90 C862-91 C862-92 C862-93 C862-94 C862-95 C862-96 C862-97 C862-98 C862-100 C862-101 C862-102 C862-103 C862-105 C862-106 C862-107 C862-108 C862-109 C862-110 C862-111 C862-112 C862-113 C862-114 C862-115 C862-116 C862-117 C862-118 C862-120 C862-122 C862-123 C862-124 C862-126 C862-127 C862-128 C862-129 C862-130 C862-131 C862-132 C862-133 C862-134 C862-135 C862-136 C862-138 C862-139 C862-140 C862-141 C862-142 C862-143 C862-144 C862-146 C862-147 C862-148 C862-149 C862-150 C862-151 C862-156 C862-158 C862-159 C862-161 C862-162 C862-163 C862-165 C862-166 C862-168 C862-169 C862-170 C862-171 C862-173 C862-174 C862-175 C862-176 C862-177 C862-179 C862-180 C862-181 C862-183 C862-184 C862-185 C862-187 C862-188 C862-189 C862-191 C862-192 C862-193 C862-194 C862-196 C862-199 C862-200 C862-201 C862-202 C862-205 C862-206 C862-209 C862-210 C862-211 C862-212 C862-215 C862-216 C862-217 C862-219 C862-221 C862-222 C862-223 C862-225 C862-226 C862-227 C862-228 C862-229 C862-230 C862-231 C862-232

Radio Kaikan meanwhile also compiled yet another great set cosplay photos, and like the others, it was a mix of the awesome and the weird

DSC_0009 DSC_0011-200x300 DSC_0014-200x300 DSC_0017 DSC_0019-300x199 DSC_0020-300x199 DSC_0027 DSC_00031 DSC_0038 DSC_0042 DSC_0061 DSC_00441

What do you think of Day 2′s cosplays? Tomorrow will be the last day, so make sure to stay tune for more craziness from the event. You can check out our Comiket 86 coverage through this link

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