The wacky staff of the family restaurant known as Wagnaria will be returning as it has been announced that Working!! will be getting itself a third season, as was announced during a joint summer event with another anime title, Servant X Service called Working !! Service and Servant x Summer Festa.

toppwkng 500x175 Working!! gets a third anime season

Fans who attended the event gleefully tweeted the announcement and the news spread like wildfire in Japan with fans very happy that the series is coming back for a third season.

Working!!, whose original manga’s final volume is set for release on Christmas day, December 25, 2014, has experienced two successful anime seasons, both of which were produced by A-1 Pictures. The series centers around the family restaurant, Wagnaria, and its wacky staff which works both the front (dining area) and the back (kitchen) of the restaurant.

Working1 610x429 500x351 Working!! gets a third anime season

More announcements on the third season will be announced in the future.

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Source: 0takomu