Love Live! fans, also known as Love Livers, are some of the most dedicated fans on Earth, and they have shown it time and time again by grovelling in front of their beloved school idols, whether it be in Japan, the United States, China, or Singapore.


However, these actions are often looked down upon, as a certain incident in China has shown however, Love Livers, do not fret as a Sega arcade in Osaka has set up a special “worship area” for Love Livers to bow down and grovel before their animated goddesses.


Prostrating yourself in front of a huge Love Live! artwork or ad, and even a Love Live! train has become an in-joke of sorts for Love Livers to show how much they love the series, and all nine of the anime’s muses have been lined up in the arcade’s special corner for fans to show their love. And like any serious place of worship, it seems like offerings are necessary, but just a reminder, HANAYO LOVES RICE while RIN PREFERS RAMEN. This guy has the right idea it seems.

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When we say Love Livers are dedicated, we certainly ain’t kidding!

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Source: Kotaku


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