From November 2015 to January 2016, Bushiroad will be holding a special Future Card Buddyfight tournament in Singapore, which will introduce a unique format into the card game, and special prizes and cards will be up for grabs.


The Special Booster Draft Tournament involves a unique format of play whereby players have no cards to begin with. Each player will require 6 Future Card Buddyfight packs and will build their deck from scratch before the tournament starts. One exclusive PR card will be given to each participant every month from November 2015 till January 2016.

November 2015: The Law, Gairaplus


December 2015: Red-eyed Succubus


January 2016: Dragonic Heatup


For the Special Booster Draft Tournament, shops are required to apply for the Special Booster Draft Tournament on a monthly basis, either through the Bushiroad Tournament System (BTAS), official distributor, or tournament organizers. Shops are allowed to hold the Special Booster Draft Tournament alongside the Monthly Shop Tournament, however, these two tournaments should not be held simultaneously. Here are the rules for the tournament:

1. Played with 2 or more players (Recommended 4 players for maximum fun!!!)
2. Each player will require 6 Future Card Buddyfight packs
3. All players participating in the draft must agree to purchase the same quantity of packs
from each release to form the 6 packs for drafting. Players may choose to mix releases for
their draft, to further randomize the cards that they can receive. For example, if all players
are agreeable, players may draft with 2 packs of BFE-BT01, 2 packs of BFE-H-BT01

Deck Building and Special Rulings
1. A player will build a deck with all the cards that he or she has drafted.
2. If a player opens and chooses to draft a flag card, that player may include that card in their
deck. However, the flag card is treated as a blank card with no description or text.
3. Players are not required to have a flag card
4. Players will start at 10 life points
5. Players with no cards in the deck zone will automatically lose the game
6. Players will draw 6 cards into their hand at the start as per normal
7. World restriction does not apply to the Booster Draft deck construction (i.e. you may have a
<<Dragon World>> monster and a <<Magic World>> monster in your deck)
8. Attributes still work as per normal
9. Standard game rules apply
The tournament organizer may allow the use of the following rule:
*Starting from Future Card Buddyfight Hundred Booster Pack Vol. 1 Neo Enforcer ver.E, some packs
will have special cards assigned to them. If a fighter opens such a pack and wishes to keep the
contents, that fighter may show the contents of the pack for all players to verify. After it is verified,
the fighter must keep all the cards. Then, the fighter will sit out on the drafting for one pack rotation.
A list of such packs is as follows:
1. BFE-H-BT01: Azi Dahaka Pack
– H-BT01/0101EN Demonic Demise Dragon, Azi Dahaka
– H-BT01/0102EN Twin Demon Dragon, Zahhak
– H-BT01/0103EN Dragon Throne
– H-BT01/0104EN Demonic Demise Sword, Aqulta Gwaneff
– H-BT01/0105EN Dragon Ein
2. BFE-H-BT02: Yamigedo Pack
– H-BT02/0109EN Great Fiend, Yamigedo OR H-BT02/0110EN Great Fiend, Yamigedo
– H-BT02/0111EN Soaring Flame, Lindwurm
– H-BT02/0112EN Reinforced Formation of Hundred Demons
– H-BT02/0113EN Thunder Claw, Narukami
– H-BT02/0114EN Parade of Hundred Demons

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