Being invited to participate in the New Year Kouhaku Uta Gassen, or Red and White Song Battle, is considered one of the biggest honors any Japanese artiste can have as the annual New Year’s music festival has only invited the best and most popular Japanese artistes to participate. Sure, every year, the usual people like Nana Mizuki, AKB46, Momoiro Clover Z, T.M. Revolution, and others have been the usual suspects in participating, but this year, a certain anime idol group’s name has been floating around with the rest of them.


With the Love Live! School Idol Movie being a big hit and having chart-topping singles here and there, Love Live!’s μ’s have been really popular this year, so much so that they might even be invited to perform in an event where only the “Top Brass” of the Japanese music industry are invited to join in.

The line-up of artistes greeting 2016 will be split into two groups, red and white, with all the male artistes representing the White Team while all the female artistes representing the Red Team. The winners are then decided via popular vote. The official list of artistes, as well as the moderator, will be announced later.

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Source: Yahoo! via Hachimakikou


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