DMM and Kadokawa’s Kantai Collection has turned World War II warships into anthropomorphic moe anime girls, and now, automobile giant, Toyota, is following the trend, but instead of ships, they are turning car parts into anthropomorphic moe anime girls!

Teaming up with DMM, Toyoto has reintroduced these car part girls, who are called the “Prius! Impossible Girls.” Almost 40 car parts have been turned into anime girls, and the project involves 24 different illustrators. Each car part girl also has a popular voice actress providing their voices. So far, only  the 2ZR-FXE engine, voiced by the one and only Kana Hanazawa and designed by Oguchi, has gotten an intro video of her own:


The other Toyota Prius! Impossible Girls include:

Hybrid Transaxle by Pinocchio P and voiced by Rina Hidaka

Prius 2

Power Control Unit by Torako and voiced by Misaki Kuno

Prius 3

Triangular Silhouette by U35 and voiced by Yuka Iguchi

prius 4

Iconic Human Tech by Chamo-i and voiced by Yuki Takao

prius 5

TSS-P by Ame Karasuba and voiced by Ai Kayano

prius 6

GOA Body by Okama and voiced by Akari Kitou

prius 7

E-4 by Fly and voiced by Nichika Omori

Prius 8

Double Wishbone Suspension by Nihoe and voiced by Aoi Yuuki

Prius 9

High Rigidity Body by uki and voiced by Risa Taneda

Prius 10

Various merchandise, a game, and more have been planned for these “Prius! Impossible Girls,” and more 3D videos of them are to be released in the days to come. You can check out more car parts through Mantan’s image gallery

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Source: Mantan via ANN


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