I’ve been a huge Godzilla fan since I was 4 years old, so when the new Shin Godzilla movie premiered, I immediately jumped on the chance to watch it. I’ve watched every Godzilla film out there, from the 1954 classic to the 2014 Hollywood movie, and I must say that this one truly ranks high with all of them.

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The movie starts off like the original 1954 film, with a boat whose crew has mysteriously vanished, and it all went downhill for the city of Tokyo from there, as a yet-incomplete Godzilla finally shows its tail, and Japan calls in some of its top scientists to ask what that creature is. This has baffled the scientists, and even had one asking if the video of Godzilla’s tail was real or not. And after a few inquiries and theories, the creature finally emerges, but it’s not the Godzilla we are expecting. It turns out that this Godzilla is still not fit for life in the surface, and as it was testing out its new legs, it left a trail of destruction in its wake. This particular addition to the Godzilla lore proves that this new Godzilla is a bit different from the one we know of.

When this new Godzilla was first introduced in the movie, it looked quite cute, with short stubby legs, no real arms, and gills. It looked very little like the Godzilla that was shown in the previews, all except for those iconic dorsal spines. However, after just a few days, it reemerges as the one we’ve all been expecting. This shows that this new Godzilla is capable of self-mutation/self-evolution, depending on its environment. Sometimes, the changes are instant, like when it finally stood upright and looking more like the Godzilla of old. While Godzilla has shown of some new tricks in the past, this new one seems to develop those changes at a much faster rate, and when the newly-evolved/mutated Godzilla finally comes ashore for the second time, it’s definitely bigger, and finally has arms!


While this Godzilla certainly has some new tricks up its sleeve, the movie returns to its original 1954 roots, and that means that there are no enemy monsters, no aliens invading Earth, and no clear Ultraman rip-off named Jet Jaguar. This movie is just simply Godzilla rampaging through Tokyo, wreaking havoc along its path of destruction. The creature tanked through everything the JSDF could throw at it, and then the US finally intervenes as they sent three B-2 Spirit bombers to bomb Godzilla. The US’s superior firepower actually gave Godzilla more problems, but then again, it solved that pesky American problem in the most Godzilla way possible: its signature Atomic Breath.


But this new one ain’t the run-of-the-mill Godzilla atomic breath, as they certainly made it a lot flashier. It’s not just Godzilla’s dorsal spines lighting up and then it unleashes a radioactive beam, this new one is much more, with Godzilla’s lower jaw opening up to become wider, and as it unleashes the Atomic Breath, it leaves behind a trail of destruction, which ends with Godzilla actually breathing fire after the Atomic Breath has run its course. By far, that was the most impressive Atomic Breath I’ve seen in a while.

Godzilla has now left Japan in a state of disarray, and now, the UN has stepped in, with the security council resolving to nuke the creature. however, as we all know, Japan has had a history with nukes, and as the government is scrambling to stop it, they find a good solution. Now, we won’t spoil you with how the movie ends, because if you haven’t watched it yet, you would have to watch the ending for yourself. Just make sure you watch until the ending, because there seems to be a little surprise revealed at the end of the film.

While the 2014 Hollywood movie portrayed the heroic Godzilla from the previous Toho versions, this new one is a mixture of new and classic elements, which takes us back to the unstoppable creature from the first movie.

Godzilla was originally supposed to be a metaphor for the atomic bomb, and spoke of the ills of the nuclear age. This new film echoed that original message quite well, and made Godzilla more of a natural disaster rather than an anti-hero battling other kaijuu. As a Godzilla fan, I rate it a solid 4/5.

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