The Golden Autumn Comic Exhibition at the Viva Beijing R&F Plaza has now opened, however, several anime fans were quite shocked to see a few life-size anime statues that were quite,,, um… unique?


So yeah, that’s their life-size Naruto statue… or is it Boruto because of the hair and the letter “B”? There’s also “Eren” from Attack on Titan and “Ace” from One Piece.

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The statues have some mixed reactions back in Japan, with some being angry, others amused, and others just rather confused. One company however, wasn’t too happy, as Pierrot China, which distributes Naruto in the country, has said that “the exhibition does not have the right to display any likenesses from the show.”

But if you’re around Beijing until the 16th of November, why not stop by and see if these life-size statues really look like the ones in the pictures…

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Source: Crunchyroll



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