It’s already November, which means we are now a month into the new Fall 2016 anime season. While this new season is filled with returning anime like Haikyuu!!, Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans, Natsume’s Book of Friends, and Sound!! Euphonium, as well as spin-offs like WWW.WORKING!!! and ViViD Strike, several new titles have also managed to stand out.

In a sea of returning anime and spin-offs, we chose five new titles which we thought really stood out this season. It was a tough choice, but we finally agreed on these five new anime:

Gi(a)rlish Number


This anime takes a look at the darker side of the anime industry, and focuses mainly on voice actors, or seiyuu. It shows a lot of things that usually happen behind the scenes, which anime companies usually don’t want people to know about, from series creators being looked down upon, and has his opinion taken for granted, with anime producers taking advantage of his shyness to impose their own changes to his work for the anime. It also presents the rivalries and relationships between voice actors, and that they don’t seem as friendly with each other in real life. As expected of an anime from the light novel author behind My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU.



After raising hell in Hellsing, manga creator Kouta Hirano’s return to anime has proven to be yet another bloody one, as the battle between the Drifters and the Ends have finally been adapted into an anime. It was as every bit as action-packed and bloody as we thought it would, and it has certainly raised the bar high for the other new anime this season.

Magical Girl Raising Project


Clearly, one of the standouts this season, new anime or returning series. At first, this may seem like a typical Magical Girl anime, then things go downhill as the anime goes the Madoka Magica route and gets darker as the magical girls are forced to kill each other because there are too many of them.

March Comes in Like a Lion


With excellent storytelling which focused on Rei’s relationships and trials, this new anime is starting to prove why its source manga by Chika Umino has won all those awards.


Just kidding!!!!!!!

Izetta the Last Witch


OK, while Keijo’s story is actually pretty serious (no really, if you ignore the fanservice, it really feels like a legit and serious shounen sports anime), Izetta the Last Witch is proving to be one of this season’s very best. With plenty of fantastical battle scenes, political intrigue, and lots and lots of yuri undertones (it’s a good thing), we’ve really fallen in love with this series, and feel that it stands out too.

so what do you think of our picks? Any other anime that you thought we missed?

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