What if there’s a gigantic hole in the ground, and this is actually the most unexplored place in the world? This hole is called the “Abyss”, and that is the setting for the latest manga to get adapted into an anime, which is titled Made in Abyss. A website has been launched, and it reveals a new teaser visual for the anime.

The story is set in a world where a gigantic pit/cave remains to be mostly unexplored, and because of this, many creatures aseem to rise up from its depths, while relics and other treasures continue to be found. It follows an orphaned girl named Rico, who wants to be a “Cave Raider”, an adventurer who explores the “Abyss”, just like her mother. One day, as she begins her explorations, she finds a young boy, who actually happens to be a robot.

Black Bullet director, Masayuki Kojima, is at the helm of this project over at Kinema Citrus. More details will be announced in the days ahead.

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