Bushiroad held a Special Talk Show featuring Suzuko Mimori, voice actress of the main character, Sherlock Shellinford in conjunction with the screening of “Detective Opera MILKY HOLMES the Movie ~MILKY HOLMES’ COUNTERATTACK~”. This event took place in the heart of the city, at the soon-to-be opened Bushi Café in Bugis+ on the 4th of December, 2016.

It was such a rare chance to meet up with Suzuko Mimori up close, a huge crowd turned up and it even drew fans from as far as Japan and Canada to Singapore, just to attend this event. During the talk, Mimori share her favourite moments about the film and how it was like working with the production crew in the recording studio. When asked about the favourite scene in the movie, she answered there was a scene when the 4 characters were really close to each other and was helping each other out.

At the end of the talk, everyone present was invited to participate in a quiz to test their knowledge of Suzuko Mimori! It had a wide variety of questions ranging from easy, to hard, to personal, to hardcore insane difficult. Here are some questions from the quiz: (answers at the bottom)

Easy: Is Suzuko Mimori’s birthday on the 28th June?

Hard: Is the title of the first episode of Milky Holme’s series “A Pocket Full of Bread”?

Personal: Suzuko Mimori bought shoes from fashion store Pazzion, during her tour in Singapore. She bought 4 shoes in total. True or False?

Hardcore insane difficult: Is the 6th song track on Milky Holmes’ 2nd (full) album “Milky Attack”?

Despite the difficulty of the questions, we have 1 hardcore fan that answer all 12 questions correctly and earned an autographed poster of the Milky Holmes Movie by Suzuko Mimori.

After the event, all fans and movie goers proceeded to redeem the free movie-related gifts prepared for all ticket holders. They subsequently made their way to catch “Detective Opera MILKY HOLMES the Movie ~MILKY HOLMES’ COUNTERATTACK~” at the Filmgarde theatre.

Bushiroad has future plans to bring in more anime licenses from Japan. Potential collaborations include holding events featuring the voice cast of movies as well as tie-ins with the Bushi Café. These are all part of Bushiroad’s endeavor to further enhance the anime culture experience in South East Asia. We look forward to seeing more stars visit Singapore in the near future!

Quiz Answers:

Easy: True!

Hard: True!

Personal: False! Suzuko Mimori bought 3 pairs instead of 4.

Hardcore insane difficult: True!


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