Keijo!!!!!!!! is known to people who actually watch it as the “Best Shounen Anime of 2016.” The series has been described as being just like many shounen anime, full of ridiculous physics-defying techniques, intense dialogue, and even the power of friendship… it just so happens that it also has plenty of boobs and butts.

And speaking of physics-defying techniques, main character Nozomi Kaminashi’s signature move, the Vacuum Butt Canon is pretty ridiculous in of itself, and a new video by Warner Brothers Anime seeks to have SCIENCE explain not only that technique, but the sport of Keijo as well.

According to science, in order to properly pull off that Vacuum butt Canon, Nozomi’s butt should reach speeds of up to 1,247 kilometers per hour in order to create that shock wave. In other words, she has to move her butt faster than frigging racecars. As if using a judo throw with a nipple ain’t enough, we’ve got a technique that could rival the speeds of racecars.

The Vacuum Butt Canon is powerful enough to not only create shockwaves, but it can also rip its opponent’s swimsuit to shreds… because its Keijo… Now if only science can explain all the other ridiculous techniques from the Butt of Vajra to the sword quick draw technique using a nipple to the infamous judo nipple throw… to yes, the Gate of Buttbylon/Bootylon!!!!!

But then again, since when has science ever properly explained techniques from SHOUNEN anime?

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