The New York Times manga bestseller list has become one of the ways people can gauge how well a manga is doing outside of Japan. Titles like One Piece, Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul, One Punch Man, and Monster Musume, have all topped the list, and the list has helped spread the popularity of manga to a more mainstream audience. However, the world-renowned newspaper is also gutting it, along with some of their other bestseller lists, such as Graphic Hardcover and Graphic Paperback.

Many in the American comic book and graphic novel industry were a bit upset, as the list brought attention to several independent graphic novels that wouldn’t do as well if they weren’t mentioned by the New York Times. However, The New York Times Book Review editor, Pamela Paul, said in a series of tweets that

“Quick note to fellow comics/graphic novel fans: The Times is not cutting back on coverage of these genres/formats but rather expanding on coverage in ways that reach more readers than the lists did. To wit: new graphic reviews by comic artists, more reviews and more news and features about the genre and it’s creators. We are big fans, and want to recognize growing readership. Stay tuned.”

The list has become one of the best ways to find out which manga are good to buy or see if your favorite manga chapter is doing well, and it’s a bit said that it’s now going away.

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