Today’s VR technology is making the world of Sword Art Online more and more possible, and California-based VR developer, FOVE, is partnering up with the anime to promote the upcoming Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale film. They have developed a new program which allows users to meet Asuna herself in the virtual world through their new VR headset, and Asuna’s voice actress herself, Haruka Tomatsu, shows it off!

As soon as users dive into the VR world, Asuna will be appearing to explain how the headset works. In other words, Asuna will be the one guiding you through the headset’s tutorial.

The device will also read the user’s eye movements, and Asuna’s reactions will be based on these eye movements. Her reactions include smiling if you look at her right in the eye, and she even gets a bit upset if you start ignoring her.

A FOVE 0 Headset, a Hi-Spec PC with a VR platform Virtual Gate are required to run the program. It will be available for a limited time between January 31 – July 31, 2017 in South Korea and in Japan. Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale hits Japanese theaters on February 18, 2017.

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Source: 4gamer


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