Shaman King has become one of the most popular anime adaptations of manga to be shown outside of Japan. The anime actually had a different ending from its original source manga, which was written and illustrated by Hiroyuki Takei. Sadly, no anime adaptations came after that, despite a lot of fans asking for a new adaptation.

The manga wrapped up in 2004 but received a “true ending” in a 2009 reprint, as well as sequel series, Shaman King Flowers, which ended back in 2014. However, Takei himself revisited the manga in a new tweet. In that tweet, he admitted that he has received an offer for a new adaptation, but turned it down because they would not have been able to use the first anime’s original voice cast, as well as the music. However, he did say that he is still hoping for a new offer for an anime, even though his series has already ended.

In the Japanese voice acting industry, it is quite likely that the seiyuu (voice actors) would retain their roles for reboots and sequels. However, there are some instances where the cast members get changed. An example of this would be Digimon Adventure tri., where the voice cast for the chosen children were changed from the original Digimon Adventure TV anime.

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source: ANN


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