Adam Savage may be known for debunking myths in Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters and for being a famous Hollywood props maker, however, did you know that he is also a cosplayer? The Mythbuster is a huge Ghibli fan and previously cosplayed Totoro and Spirited Away’s No Face. In a new video, he talks about what cosplay is and what it means to him. Check it out:

Yes, Adam Savage is huge TV star who has opened the eyes of many to science, but he’s really “one of us”. In the video, Savage talked about his first experiences with cosplay, making his first costume, walking around San Diego Comic-Con and about hos love of cosplay itself. He talked about the passion that people have with it, and that it’s not just some random people dressing up as random characters. It’s about people getting into character and working hard on their costumes.

In the video, Adam Savage says “We’re connecting with something important inside of us,” and adds “The costumes are how we reveal ourselves to each other.” Truly an inspiring message from the man himself.

So all you cosplayers out there, keep on cosplaying, and do it for the love of it!

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source: Ted Talks


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