The Btooom! Online game app has finally been launched last February 28, and it has certainly caught the attention of fans of both the manga and the anime. This is because during the game’s launch event, the game’s producer Masato Hayashi, promised something about the manga’s anime adaptation.

According to Hayashi, if BTOOOM! Online makes it into the top 5 domestic app sales ranking, a season 2 for the anime adaptation will be green-lit! The bold statement made a lot of fans excited at the prospect of the anime’s second season.

Here’s how Crunchyroll describes the game app:

BTOOOM! Online is a “stealth bomber action” game in which 6 to 8 players gather chips by collecting supply drops and slaying their opponents with specialized explosive devices known as “BIMs”. Presently, the game features two arenas – an urban combat zone and the jungle prison.

The game is free-to-play, though in-game purchases are also available. It is now available via both Android and iOS smartphones, though the game is in Japanese.

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source: Crunchyroll


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