The truck scene in Fuuka is one of the most infamous scenes in manga history. It was so controversial that it even made the national news back in Japan. Mangaka Kouji Seo has gained a reputation for playing with the feelings of his readers even before he started with Fuuka, however, he became even more infamous thanks to the truck scene. But with the anime adaptation, many fans were shocked when they changed the outcome of that truck scene. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

In the original manga, when her strap fell from her bag, Fuuka went back to pick it up on the middle of the road. However, a truck was passing by and ran her over, thus killing her off and this results to main protagonist Yuu Haruna going into a downward spiral before finally deciding to honor her memory by continuing on her dream of becoming a big-time star. Many in Japan called her death unprecedented, because this is the first time that the titular character got killed off in the middle of an ongoing manga. In the anime however, the truck managed to swerve and avoid Fuuka, thus saving her life.

The move to save Fuuka has upset many fans, so much so that the official website released a statement regarding the change. In fact, creator Kouji Seo himself released a statement on that website, and he talked about the decision. According to Seo, he wanted to see a story surrounding “What if Fuuka lived?” He says that killing Fuuka off wasn’t a mistake, but admitted that he made a lot of fans sad with the development. And then, when the anime’s producers told him they wanted to make Fuuka survive, he said that it was a “godsend”.

Weekly Shounen Magazine’s 15th edition has a full interview with Kouji Seo himself. In that issue, the mangaka talked about why they decided to change Fuuka’s fate. He admitted that it was his own “selfish desire to see Fuuka alive” which made it possible. He also said that in addition to his own reasons, as well as the producer’s idea, he said that he wanted to give the fans a “pleasant surprise” rather than the shock of Fuuka’s death. He also talked about Fuuka’s death in the manga itself. He said that he killed the titular character off in order to make Yuu and the band grow as musicians from that tragedy. He said that because Fuuka is a band manga, he made the proper decision to kill off the main heroine.

Anime producer, Kensuke Tateishi, also released a statement. He said that when he read the manga and saw Fuuka’s death, he said he just had to make an anime with a different ending and have her survive instead. The anime’s director, Keizou Kusakawa, also shared the producer’s thoughts, though admitted that he knew that making her survive would cause an uproar.

There you have it folks, straight from the creators themselves. Though I think that won’t stop all those truck-kun jokes, even if the anime nerfed him. Truck-kun is best gril!

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