04 Limited Sazabys is one of the bands coming to Singapore for tomorrow night’s Space Shower Retsuden Asia Tour 2017 powered in MCIP concert. The band is best known for their catchy melodies and their lively banters with the crowd during their performances. Here they are singing about summer with their song, “Swim”.

04 Limited Sazabys is a rock band with members GEN (Ba/Vo), HIROKAZ (Gt), RYU-TA (Gt/Cho), and KOUHEI (Dr/Cho), formed in Nagoya in 2008. Along with GEN’s youthful high-toned voice and the band’s extremely addictive melodies, the impressive staging and free-spirited talks during performances have become distinctive characteristics of the group.

We recently caught up with the band as we sat down with them for an interview to talk about themselves and their visit to Singapore:

  1. What does the band’s name ’04 Limited Sazabys’ mean? And how did the members meet one another to form the band?

We’re a band formed in Nagoya. There isn’t a particular meaning to our band’s name. For some reason or another GEN just thought that it would be good to have a long band name and wanted it to also include a number, which was how it was decided.


  1. What would you consider the roots or inspiration for your music?

Japanese bands such as Hi-STANDARD and ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION. We’re also influenced by the punk scene in the American West Coast.


  1. Your 2nd album, eureka, was released in September last year. Tell us about the concept for this album, and what were your favourite parts recording it.

To be honest, we didn’t put in that much thought into what kind of album we wanted it to be. However, we worked on “Horizon” and “Feel”, which were released as singles last year and also the first two tracks in “eureka”, with the intention of including them in the album. We wanted to create an album with a really rock sound. But after we had a few solid rock tunes that were really cool, we started wanting to include cute pop songs, songs that were more light-hearted, and ballads, so in the end, I think the album turned out well-balanced. In any case, it took a long time to produce the album, and we were working on it until the last minute.


  1. 04 Limited Sazabys has been on tour a lot all throughout 2014 to 2016. While on tour is there anything the band members always do together as a custom, or perhaps for good luck?

The members will always gather in a circle before the show for a cheer, and we will definitely have an afterparty.


  1. Is this your first time coming to Singapore? Do you have any plans to visit any particular spots in Singapore when you’re here?

We look forward to meeting the pretty girls of Singapore.


  1. Finally, please leave a message for everyone who’ll be coming out to see you perform at the Space Shower Retsuden Asia Tour 2017. What can everyone look forward to from 04 Limited Sazabys?

Even though we don’t speak the same language, there’s still the melody and groove so do come listen to our music for yourself.

Space Shower TV is a dedicated music channel in Japan that covers a wide range of music genres. SPACE SHOWER RETSUDEN started out in 2001 as a platform for indie musicians to showcase their music. Spurred on by the support of fans, the event is now viewed as a rite of passage for many new artistes.

Ticket sales are now available via Sistic. General Admission tickets cost S$58, while the VIP tickets cost S$88. The VIP tickets include:

– Special high five session with all four bands

– Exclusive autographed poster signed by all four bands

– Entry into VIP area right in front of the stage for concert

– Priority entry

Event Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2017 7pm
Venue: Millian Singapore
  • English
  • Japanese
Duration: Approximately 4 hours

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