The supernatural anime, Noragami Aragato, has helped put the Japanese band, The Oral Cigarettes, on the map as one of Japan’s top indie bands. Now, they’re headed to Singapore for tomorrow’s SPACE SHOWER RETSUDEN ASIA TOUR 2017 concert at the Millian Singapore.

Formed in Nara in 2010 and consisting of Takuya Yamanaka (Vo/Gt), Akira Akirakani (Ba/Cho), Shigenobu Suzuki (Gt), and Masaya Nakanishi (Dr), THE ORAL CIGARETTES became known for their memorable melodies and exquisite arrangements that give shape to highly original songs, and their energy-charged performances. Since then, THE ORAL CIGARETTES have continued to captivate listeners across the country and bring BKW (“bakuruwase”, upset) with their music.

The band has endeared anime fans to them thanks to Noragami, and now, that they’re in Singapore, we recently sat down with them for an interview:

  1. To start things off with, can you tell us a little about how the band was formed, starting perhaps from when Yamanaka and Akirakani formed a Red Hot Chilli Peppers cover band. How did the other members get involved?

Our guitarist Shigenobu Suzuki is a childhood friend of Takuya’s, and joined when we were forming THE ORAL CIGARETTES after the Red Hot Chili Peppers cover band. Masaya Nakanishi (Dr) joined the band in 2013.


  1. Why did you decide to call the band ‘THE ORAL CIGARETTES’? What does the name mean, and how does it tie to your music’s identity?

We basically decided on the name based on how it sounded.


  1. Your third album, UNOFFICIAL, was just released on February 1. Tell us about the concept of this album, and what were your favourite parts recording it.

A lot of the lyrics were based on things that happened or what we felt when not on stage (ie what is not “official”), plus we wanted to convey the feeling of having your own convictions instead of following popular opinion (ie the “official” view).


  1. THE ORAL CIGARETTES first performed here in Singapore back in 2014 during Music Matters’ Japan Night. What was the most memorable part about performing here for the members?

The audience was really friendly even though it was our first performance in Singapore, and even during the show itself many people who happened to be passing by stopped to listen to us. That really left an impression.


  1. Is there anything in Singapore the members are particularly looking forward to? Like a place you’d like to visit this time around, or food that you’d like to try but did not get to on your previous trip?

It’s really cold in Japan right now because it’s winter, so we’re looking forward to being able to enjoy a short summer holiday.


  1. Finally, is there anything you can tease for your performance at Space Shower Retsuden Asia Tour 2017? What can the audience look forward to?

SPACE SHOWER RETSUDEN (JAPAN TOUR) was a milestone in the growth of THE ORAL CIGARETTES, and I think that this Asia Tour will be an important milestone in our expansion overseas as well. Please look forward to it.

Space Shower TV is a dedicated music channel in Japan that covers a wide range of music genres. SPACE SHOWER RETSUDEN started out in 2001 as a platform for indie musicians to showcase their music. Spurred on by the support of fans, the event is now viewed as a rite of passage for many new artistes.

Ticket sales are now available via Sistic. General Admission tickets cost S$58, while the VIP tickets cost S$88. The VIP tickets include:

– Special high five session with all four bands

– Exclusive autographed poster signed by all four bands

– Entry into VIP area right in front of the stage for concert

– Priority entry

Event Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2017 7pm
Venue: Millian Singapore
  • English
  • Japanese
Duration: Approximately 4 hours

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