Lala Deviluke started out as the main heroine for To Love-Ru, however, as Rito’s Harem started growing, she just started becoming “one of the girls”. Now however, she’s finally getting the spotlight once again, as Jump Square announces that she’s getting her own life-size figure as part of the celebrations for the ending of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga.

The life-size figure will feature Lala wearing a Bikini… with Peko in her hair of course. Details are still a bit scarce, but expect more announcements about the figure to be revealed soon.

Oh, and apparently, they will be selling it too! But don’t expect the Lala statue to be cheap. Previously, Max Factory released a life-size statue of Lala’s sister, Momo. The statue was sold too, but it came with a 2.5 million yen price tag. Time to start only eating instant noodles and just drinking water people!

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