After lead actress Fumika Shimizu announced her retirement to pursue the priesthood for a religious group known as Happy Science, the status of the live-action Tokyo Ghoul movie’s release has raised concerns among the fans. But fret not folks, because the movie’s staff has now revealed the film’s release date, which is on January 29! This means that the movie is all set to go through, even if Fumika Shimizu won’t be present to promote the film.

The live-action Tokyo Ghoul film also released an updated visual with the new release date. It features male lead, Masataka Kubota as Ken Kaneki about to wear his signature Eyepatch Ghoul Mask.

Shimizu is playing the female lead, Tohka Kirishima, for the film, and she even cut her signature long hair just for the role. However, unknown to her agency and fans, she is actually part of the religious group, Happy Science, which many in Japan and other countries consider a cult. Both of Shimizu’s parents are part of the religious group, and they have introduced the actress and her three sisters to “Happy Science” at birth. She has announced her retirement to concentrate on her religion, and has even announced that she will be joining the priesthood.

As for Tokyo Ghoul, she has already wrapped up filming for all her scenes in the film, so story-wise, her retirement from acting won’t affect the film itself. She’s also set to appear in two other films, including Ankoku Joshi and Warau Manekineko, and like Tokyo Ghoul, she has also finished all her scenes for those films as well. However, she is not expected to join the promotions for all three films.

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