It’s official, Saki Hasemi and Kentaro Yabuki’s ecchi harem manga series, To Love-Ru Darkness, is officially over as the April 2017 issue of Jump Square was released containing the manga’s final chapter. The magazine also included the manga in its cover to celebrate the final chapter.

But fret not To Love-Ru fans, because Jump Square also announced that Rito and his harem will return for two extra chapters, which will be released for the magazine’s May and June issues.

So, who did Rito end up with? Did he end up with everyone as planned by Momo for a harem ending? Or did he end up with just one girl? Well… here’s a little spoiler courtesy of Crunchyroll (warning: NSFW) (click here)

So, now that the manga has ended, what’s your favorite moment?

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Source: Yonkou Productions


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