So, we’re getting yet another sports anime, and this time, it’s an adaptation of a Baseball manga, titles Gurazeni…

According to Issue #17 of Morning Magazine, Yuuji Moritaka and Keiji Adachi’s baseball manga, Gurazeni is getting itself an anime adaptation. According to the announcement, BS SkyPer! channel will be airing the upcoming sports anime in 2018.

Not much other information has been announced yet. Here’s how ANN describes the manga’s story:

The “baseball money survival” story focuses on a baseball team that operates as a highly-stratified society, where the player’s performance determines his annual salary. The story follows an eight-year relief pitcher with an odd left-handed side-arm throw as he fights to survive under the team’s strict system.

The manga actually won several accolades, including the best general manga award during the Kodansha Manga Awards 2013. More announcements will be revealed soon.

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Source: ANN


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