Sheryl Nome is regarded as one of the most popular individual idols in the entire anime industry, and now, it looks like she’s making her return! This is all part of the Macross Franchise’s 35th Anniversary celebrations.

This will be the first of many projects that will be part of the 35th anniversary, with more to be revealed in the days ahead. The character is considered by many as one of the most popular in the entire franchise.

Two of Japan’s biggest street vision screens, the UDX Vision in Akihabara and the ALTA Vision in Shinjuku will be screening a teaser clip about the Galactic Fairy’s return. They will be screening the clip randomly until March 11, and then on the next day, March 12, a 2-minute video will formallymark her return.

Sheryl Nome is one of the two main heroines from Macross Frontier. Aya Endou voiced her in the anime, while May’n is her singing voice.

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