5 – Gintoki’s wooden sword (Gintama)

4 – Doraemon’s Time Machine (Doraemon)

3 – Death Note (where else could it be from?)

2 – What If? Phone Box (Doraemon)

1 – Dokodemo Door/ Go Anywhere Door (Doraemon)

Doreamon’s items are pretty Overpowered (OP), as they can take you back in time, let you live through a “What If?” scenario, and even create a portal to ANYWHERE! It’s no wonder why Doraemon’s gadgets absolutely dominated the list, as SIX (6) of the robot cat’s gadgets made it to the Top 20. Doraemon even got the Top 2 items in this Charapedia list!

Meanwhile, the highest-ranked non-Doraemon item is the Death Note… which probably means that there’s a lot of Charapedia voters out there who wanted to kill someone they know.

The list also featured a couple of Sword Art Online-related items. While many consider the original Nervegear to be more iconic, more fans voted for the newer Amushpere… probably because you’re less likely to die when you use it.

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