The steamy romantic anime shorts, Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni, have now premiered in Japan. And the staff have revealed that there are actually three versions of the anime, each with a different age rating.

Tokyo MX’s all-ages broadcast version, as well as AT-X’s more graphic R-15 version, have now aired on Japanese TV. However, even that R-15 version has a few parts cut because the whole thing is just too erotic for TV, even for AT-X, which has been known to air sexually-graphic series. An uncut 18+ version is currently streaming online via ComicFesta Anime Zone. The three versions were announced by the anime’s official twitter page.

The manga follows a young woman who encounters a friend at a reunion and finds that he’s grown into a handsome adult… who also happens to be bald thanks to becoming a monk at his family’s temple. But, before he was a monk, he is a man, so, things heat up. The anime is based on Reon Maomi’s steamy romance manga.

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