When it was revealed that Full Metal Panic will be getting another anime, people rejoiced. And when they revealed that it’s going to air in Fall 2017, people realized how excited they are. However, that Fall 2017 premiere may bot be happening. The anime’s official website has now updated, and the staff has now removed the anime’s Fall 2017 listing.

BEFORE (says anime will premiere Fall 2017)

AFTER (No mention of when new anime will premiere)

Officially titled Full Metal Panic! IV: Invisible Victory, XEBEC will be in-charge of the production, with Planetarian’s Katsuichi Nakayama directing it. The anime will also have its scripts written by the light novels’ author himself, Shoji Gatoh. The original main cast will be returning as well.

The latest Full Metal Panic! anime was released as an OVA back in 2006, with the latest TV anime being Second Raid, which was aired in 2005. Full Metal Panic!: Invisible Victory will be the fourth Full Metal Panic! anime, and right now, with the official listing gone, we’re not sure when the anime will exactly air.

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