Screwattack decided to answer the classic locker room question, who would win in a fight between the Power Rangers’ Megazord and Voltron in their latest episode of Death Battle. These two combining mechas have a lot in common, because not only are they both the combination of five different animal robots, but they also come from an American syndication of a Japanese work. Anyway, here’s how their showdown went down:

Wow, who knew that that specific robot was more powerful?! The episode featured the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, which was syndicated from the super sentai series, Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger. It battled Voltron, which was of course, syndicated from the mecha anime, Beast King GoLion.

However, the episode stated that Sven, or Shiro in the original GoLion version died. In the Americanized Voltron version, they just presented Sven/Shiro being gravely wounded before being replaced by Princess Allura. In the Japanese GoLion version, Sven/Shiro actually died, so the Voltron in this Death battle episode may be a combination of both the original GoLion and the syndicated Amercan version. So, do you think the right robot one?

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