TOHO has revealed that they are producing and distributing a live-action movie adaptation of Robico’s shoujo manga, My Little Monster. The movie will star Masaki Suda as Haru Yoshida, as well as Tao Tsuchiya as Shizuku Mizutani.

Shou Tsukikawa will be directing the movie, and shooting will begin late May 2017. They also revealed that they are planning to release the film in 2018, though no exact release date has been revealed yet.

The manga follows the odd couple of the class genius with top-notch grades, Shizuku Mizutani, and the class delinquent, Haru Yoshida. One day, Yoshida gets suspended for fighting, and Mizutani is tasked to deliver his notes. Problem is, Yoshida tales this as an act of friendship and becomes attached to Mizutani… really attached.

Expect the staff to announce more details about this live-action movie soon, so stay tuned.

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