The 26th Annual Japan Movie Critics Awards has now revealed its winners, and one of them is your name. director, Makoto Shinkai. The critically-acclaimed anime director won best animation director award, however, he was absent during the awarding ceremony. Instead, your name. producer Yuichi Sakai received the award on his behalf.

Sakai explained that Shinkai couldn’t be in the awarding ceremony due to various circumstances. Moments later, Shinkai himself revealed the reason why on a tweet.

In that tweet, Shinkai said he was honored to receive the award and also said he was thankful. He said that the reason for his absence during the ceremony is because he’s currently working on his next project.

Did Shinkai just admit he’s now started working on his next project?! Not much is still known about this next project though, but expect fans to look forward to it.

Meanwhile, your name. didn’t win the Best Animated Film Award, as it was won by Kyoto Animation’s A Silent Voice. Dragon ball Z seiyuu Masako Nozawa won the Best Voice Actor Award for her performance in Kaze no You Ni, while they recognized Leiji Matsumoto for his services for the Japanese movie industry, and gave him the Diamond Grand Prix award.

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