When I went to Japan, I’ve actually been to a few maid cafes. However, not all of them were comfortable dealing with foreign customers because of the language barrier. Don’t worry though, because there’s now a maid cafe for and by us Gaijin. It’s called the “Sugoi Kawaii Cafe”, and it features maids from many different countries.

These maids hail from the United States, France, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Germany, Italy, and Brazil. Here’s how they describe their own Gaijin Maid Cafe:

Of the GAIJIN! By the GAIJIN!! For the GAIJIN!!!
In Akihabara in Tokyo, we opened the GAIJIN MAID CAFE.
Its name is… “Sugoi*Kawaii”!!

“Sugoi*Kawaii” is first maid cafe
which Multinational Gaijin Maid serves the customer, in Japan.

Foreign tourists visiting AKIHABARA
are visiting “AKIHABARA Culture” Maid Cafe.

But the original “Moe” is not transmitted well,
because the Japanese maids are serving foreign customers.

In “Sugoi*Kawaii”,
Gaijin Maids familiar with “Moe Culture” are served,
so even foreigners can fully enjoy “Moe Culture”!

It’s also looking for more international gaijin maids to add to its ever-growing castYou can check out the requirements and how to apply via their own official website.

Well, if you want to be a Meido in Akihabara, then the job might just be for you!

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